Summer is here!

I love summer time, the warm sunny weather and pool days just breath new life into me. I also love to drive aimlessly listening to my favorite summer playlists, windows down, and music up loud. On these drives I take in the scenic view and of course, for sale signs! The amount of listings and new construction in Middle TN is rapidly expanding!

I love walking through a house for the first time, whether new construction or an old soul. Every house tells a story. A story of what was or what will be. A house is made a home by these very stories. Growing up I always considered home to be at my grandmother’s. Our family spent more time there gathered together than in our own separate dwellings. I think it’s part of the reason I love finding old 70’s styled houses with 90’s decor! I’m laughing just thinking about the wall paper and carpeting that covered that home of ours. It’s this part of my life that interested me in real estate.

When looking for that house you will make a home through your own stories, it’s important to cast that vision of what you want for your family. It’s also important to find a professional who can see that vision to fruition alongside of you. I look so forward to helping families find the house that will become a story telling home! And what better season than summer to get out there and start looking!